Best EMF Protection Products Reviewed

EMF protection has grown out of the ole’ “tinfoil-hat” stage, and with 5G sweeping the globe, people are becoming more concerned with the best ways to protect themselves from EMF radiation. EMFs are invisible and, in essence, everywhere.

What is EMF radiation? The national institute of Environmental Health Sciences describes EMFs as “invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that is associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.”

In fact, humans emit an EMF as well through neurologic and muscular activity. Therefore, it’s how EMFs are created that makes the exposure questionable and sometimes dangerous because not all are created equal.

Ways Protect Yourself From EMFs

First, let’s get familiar with the types of electromagnetic field radiation lurking around. We want to dig a bit deeper into what you should be concerned about with EMFs in your home and beyond while hopefully debunking some EMF myths.

There are two types of EMFs:

  • Ionizing – short-wave, high-frequency radiation that can break chemical bonds. Ex: X-rays 
  • Non-ionizing – Long-wave low-frequency radiation, usually omitted from household appliances, cellphones, computers, heating lamps, electrical wires, etc. 

*The sun emits ionizing rays that are filtered by oxygen in our atmosphere to create non-ionized. By the time the sunlight reaches us, we are getting extra long-wave radiation in the form of ultraviolet rays and vitamin D. This is why it is so important to take care of our atmosphere. Think of it as a large faraday blanket filtering all that gamma and giving us the good stuff.

Ionizing radiation can breakdown chemical bonds and create free radicals that create an oxidizing effect, deteriorating matter as water does to metal — sort of like a biological rust factor.

These effects are seen when organisms are exposed to high levels of ionizing EMF radiation. Medical equipment, such as MRIs and x-rays are an example. Even gamma rays used to treat cancer are dangerous in high doses and should be avoided. The effects are visual: hair loss, skin damage, burns, and sores. Unfortunately, you won’t turn green and rip out of your shirt. 

Non-ionizing EMF radiation is what we “see” daily. Cellphones, TV sets, electrical wires, even vacuums have an EMF. Older studies conclude that low-frequency EMF exposure isn’t harmful. However, with new technology on the rise, there is also a further rise in suspicion that we are underestimating the long term effects the EMFs are causing within the human experience. 

How Can You Protect Yourself from EMFs?

The accumulation of electromagnetic fields from the layers of daily cellphone and computer use, microwaves, and other electrical appliances in the home keep us exposed to this type of radiation virtually 24/7. 5G engages the concern about how the higher frequency built into the 5th generation technology heightens public exposure and the equipment used to connect to it at home.

The reasoning behind the fear is valid. Older FCC regulations were reinstated in August of 2019 based on new research showing pulsing and solarization technologies amplify the negative effect on the body. Furthermore, it’s common sense to assume due to the newfound addiction to cellular and mobile devices that the more prolonged exposure would prove to have the effect of, well, the more prolonged exposure that they are warning about.

Imagine people from the ’90s taping those large juice box cordless phones to their heads and walking around. This is as ridiculous as upholding outdated regulations on cell phone use from the ’90s. The technology and amount of use are not comparable, and neither is the data.

With growing concerns from scientists and global health organizations, it only makes sense that you should want to protect yourself from the invisible risk, and the evidence is there. We can’t eliminate EMF radiation, and technology is only getting stronger and “smarter,” but we can adjust and evolve as we always do.

Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from the EMFs polluting that headspace between you and your electronics.

Smart EMF Limiting

Most of today’s exposure is from smart devices: wireless and smart meters, cellphones, WiFi routers. What can you do to limit this exposure?

  • Turn your cellphone to airplane mode when not in use.
  • Unplug your WiFi router when you aren’t connected.
  • Use corded (hardwired) devices when possible: landline phones, ether cables for internet, hardwire mouse for your comps.
  • Eliminate Bluetooth and wireless accessories. 
  • Opt-out of smart meters for your home.
  • Use the speaker on your phone instead of putting it up to your ear or use earbuds. 
  • Don’t put your computer or tablets in your lap.

Protective Layering

Think of an EMF as an invisible static radiation storm. You wouldn’t walk out into a blizzard with a bathing suit, so don’t go all cowboy with your EMF production, wear protection. 

  • Cell phone EMF protective covers
  • The best faraday canopies are like mosquito nets that protect you from the buzz rather than the bite. 
  • Radiation blankets and clothing 
  • Tin-foil hats? 

Check Your Appliances

Newer home appliances are smart; Roombas, smart TVs, and the grand ole’ microwave. Have we cluttered our home with radiation trying to be more “concession,” while letting the EMFs creep into our Hot Pockets? Yes. 

Microwaves are powerful enough to cook in seconds. There is a warning to stay away if pregnant. This is because they are dangerous and usually end up leaking due to bad seals. Then, whatever’s cookin’ goes into your body. 

The best way to protect yourself from your microwave turning you into the Hulk is to buy a convection oven. They work as well as a microwave, with less alleged cancer risk.

5 Best EMF Protection Products

Editor’s Choice SYB Phone Pouch
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used to make more coffee beverages
  • Automated milk frother
  • Parts are easy to clean
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used to make more coffee beverages
  • Automated milk frother
  • Parts are easy to clean
Top Rated TitanRF Faraday Fabric
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used to make more coffee beverages
  • Automated milk frother
  • Parts are easy to clean
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used to make more coffee beverages
  • Automated milk frother
  • Parts are easy to clean
Budget Pick SYB Laptop Pad
  • Body protection that is powerful
  • Layered construction
  • 2 size models to fit all devices
  • Protects against heat and radiation
  • Affordable price
  • Can be used to make more coffee beverages
  • Automated milk frother
  • Parts are easy to clean

Here are a few of the best EMF protective product ideas for those looking to add EMF protection to your daily routine. We’re just grazing the top to give you an idea of what’s on the market. Many of us are being forced to move into the 5th generation world, and knowing about available protection and ways to detect and neutralize electromagnetic fields can help ease the worry.

  1. EMF Cell Phone Protector – SYB Phone PouchThese small accessories help keep you from absorbing the constant EMF radiation our cell phones emit. New designs block the radioactivity from wearing your phone in your pocket or any other area close to the bodyAs much as we like to think we’d remember to turn on airplane mode continually, most of us are guilty of wanting to stay connected. Life is busy, and cutting off the phone just isn’t an option. These handy phone pockets are better than a neutralizer and are usually made with scientifically engineered material proven to block EMF radiation.
  1. Faraday Fabric – TitanRF Faraday Fabric Faraday fabric offers a larger area of the best EMF protection available. They come in military-grade designs for more outdoor use, mosquito nets, pregnancy aprons, and blankets, to name a few. EMF protective faraday fabric can be used to line walls or create smaller coverings for appliances as well. The uses are endless if you can create your own bags and blankets or microwave covers.
  1. EMF Protection for Computer Sleeves and Pads SYB Laptop Pad – These are similar to the cell phone covers but made for larger electronics that you have a habit of sitting on your lap. They also have a design for WiFi routers. However, the best EMF protection you can get for your laptops and tablets is by using one of them on a table. Try not to use your lap if you are serious about protecting against EMFs.
  1. EMF Neutralizers – These come in a couple of styles – plug-ins and stickers. Stickers are the most popular, and they go on electrical devices near the antennas. They claim to absorb and neutralize the EMF radiation, and some are even made with our next product inside them.
  1. Crystals for EMF Protection – Although most of the items we are protecting ourselves from are man-made, electromagnetic fields are natural, and nature has a helper with most anything she creates. Crystals, like black tourmaline and shungite, are powerful absorbing stones that can help balance other areas of energy. So, if you are more homeopathic than electro-static, this would be an excellent option for you.

Nature: The Best EMF Protection Available

From crystals to metals, nature offers a slew of ways to fight against unnatural EMFs. Furthermore, if you shut down the frequencies and break out into the wild, you will find that mother nature has the best absorption you can get when ridding yourself of EMF side effects.

Barefoot remedies are proven to draw out toxins from the body. Also known as Earthing, this method cannot protect against electromagnetic field radiation, but it can help repair the damage caused by it or clean build-up.

The atmosphere has oxygen and negative ions that lessen the effects of EMF exposure. We are all energy, and balancing it out however we can in a 5G world is key to living a healthier life, and nature always has your back.

What Metals Block EMF Radiation?

Surprisingly, many metals are known for blocking EMFs and are manufactured in most scientific-backed products on the market. Most of these metals come in sheets and are then turned into mesh materials that help reflect or absorb the radio waves associated with EMFs.

The most common metals are nickel, silver, brass, copper, and tin. The physical properties of each type relating to how the EMFs are affected by it: thickness, reflective properties, magnetism, etc.

Tin-Foil Hats: EMF Fact or Fiction?

Here’s the scoop. Tin-foil hats arguably are the work of the government. After much debate, it’s still hard to tell. Some say Yay and science will say, Nay. In fact, science says that wrapping your noggin in tin-foil can amplify radio waves getting to the brain. Apparently, it’s just like clicking yes to those bunk emails that steal your Facebook account info and spread “germs” around your friend’s inboxes.

It’s safe to say that Julian Huxley gave the government wild ideas in 1927 with his short story, “Tissue King Culture,” where the main character protects himself with a tin-foil hat, which he calls “relatively impervious to the telepathic effect” the government is trying to use on him.

Nonetheless, if you’re on the aluminum foil hat trolley, here’s a great way to engineer your “maybe a good idea” EMF protector hood from a combination of metals that are proven to protect against radio frequencies. Get the best EMF protection from your new EMF protection sombrero, upgrade to copper foil or silver foil.

Final Thoughts

Electromagnetic fields are everywhere. They come in from all angles and, in extreme cases, can have adverse effects on humans and most living organisms. Furthermore, with 5G moving into town and smart or wireless devices being used virtually in every home, it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of extra protection.

It’s in the science that EMFs have side-effects and technology doesn’t care about your feelings. However, you can help prevent it from slowing you down by stepping out of the ’90s and into “the future” by adding the best EMF protection available.

We aren’t here to scare you into wrapping up in gold foil — just be aware that there are options out there and with that data, we shared becoming increasingly more valid and visible, we are confident more products are going to become more EMF protection friendly.