EMF Protection Cell Phone Cases Reviewed

The debate is intense with how well anti-radiation cell phone cases do what they are advertised to do — protect you from the electromagnetic field radiation emitting from your cellphone. Fortunately, we aren’t here to debate; we’re here to inform you of the best options available.

To clarify, these protective covers only blocks the front of the phone and if not used properly, can create higher emissions. This spike in electromagnetic radiation is caused by the phone trying to connect through and around the shield. How a cell phone reacts to the cell phone case also depends on the tower’s position in relation to where youa re using your phone. However, a majoriy of them work like they are designed to.

The argument lies with how the protective area blocks from direct contact to the face when in use, because the EMF is emitting from the back area of the phone or seeping out holes that aren’t covered — speaker, camera holes, etc. The EMF protection cell phone cases that are listed have been designed to protect all areas that EMFs and radiation can escape from.

We researched the debate, which led us to the options below that are designed to block direct contact to the face — proven scientifically and through real-world testing. We also mixed in the best cell phone faraday covers for those who are more interested in completely blocking all types of radiation going into and out of their cell phone. If you want complete coverage, these are the best anti-radiation phone cases that you can get for your phone and wallet.

Let’s get some answers to what goes into the best option for the EMF protection cell phone cases.

Editor’s Choice DefenderShield Universal
  • FCC certification
  • 30 day, money back guarantee
  • Multi-layer shield technology
  • 99% protection rate
  • Too small for certain phones. Does not fit all phones
Top Rated VEST Radiation Protector
  • Wraps around entire phone
  • Universal and made to fit all phones
  • Certified EMF protection
  • Inner pocket for additional storage
  • Fake leather used on outer shell
Budget Pick Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag
  • Military grade materials
  • EMF certified
  • Ballistic outer materials
  • Transparent back pockets
  • Doesn’t fit all cell phones as advertised

What Materials Are in An Anti-Radiation Phone Case? 

Many different materials are used in this type of protection. Mostly, they are made from a mixture of metals — aluminum, copper, tin, silver, brass — that have been turned into a mesh and layered. The effectiveness also applies to the metals’ physical properties such as thickness.

Large faraday blankets and nets come lined with silver and usually polyester, making a mosquito net like coverage that protects against EMFs in the atmosphere, released by many types of home appliances. Even your neighbor’s connectivity can influence the radiation exposure in your home. Think of a faraday as a large colander, straining out and blocking all the pulp in those electromagnetic juices.

The EMF protection cell phone cases are sometimes lined with natural crystal elements that have neutralizing properties like black tourmaline, obsidian, or shungite. These combinations provide EMF neutralizing that claims to lower the emissions from your phone.

Some crystals emit negative ions in the air that trap and neutralize positive ions. Positive ions are the free radicals and other energies that make you feel low, tingly, grumpy, and in some cases, cause tinnitus in the ears. 

What is Faraday Material?

Faraday material is a metallic webbed material that blocks electromagnetic radiation from escaping. It also prevents outside cell towers and WiFi from connecting to your phone. It keeps the radiation at bay. It is typically used in a blanket or mosquito net form. Still, it is used for EMF cell phone case protection or to enhance personal data protection from remote wiping or data readers. 

What Are the Top EMF Blocking Cell Phone Case Benefits?

To ensure you are getting the best protection from your new cell phone case, you want to make sure that it is coming for a trusted source, first and foremost. Moreover, 5G has people concerned with the effects EMFs have on the body, which is opening the market to more research and the development of products designed to lower and protect from electromagnetic frequencies. 

Unfortunately, due to the infancy of the EMF cell phone case protection product market, it makes room for more scams as well. 

What are some benefits you get from the EMF protection cell phone cases?

  • EMF Blocking – There are many reasons people want to block their device from emitting EMFs or accessing random hotspots that have become openly popular in urban settings. When you purchase an EMF protection cell phone case with radiation protection or a faraday bag, you are also adding a shield against hackers and other data thieves from getting in. Cases are a two way EMF roadblock. These covers can prevent your phone from being hacked and from your info given away across live WiFi.
  • Identity theft – This is huge and why a lot of the best EMF protection cell phone cases come with credit card slots and other various pockets. They are designed to protect more than just what your phone is putting out — they are made to help keep what’s in your wallet safe from scammers too. 
  • EMF and Radiation Shielding – This reflects the debate we mention in the intro. Although shielding does not protect you from EMFs, it is shown that when used correctly and when offered by trusted companies, they reduce the amount of radiation output from your cellphone. Trusted companies are usually those that have a reputation, accreditation, and they provide guarantees on their products. 

Best EMF Protection Cell Phone Case

As promised, here’s what we could find on the top EMF protection cell phone cases. These have been through more than just material testing; their engineering performs and protects the best they can without preventing you from having access to service. 

Our faraday bag options are the top EMF protection cell phone case you can find for complete blocking of radio frequencies and radiation from and for your cell phones. Let’s take a look at what we found. But not everyone wants or can be on “airplane mode” all day.

DefenderShield Universal Detachable

DefenderShield claims to be “THE” trusted company for protection products and EMF education, offering “platinum standard in EMF and 5G radiation protection solutions for mobile devices.”

They also back up these claims with a stellar EMF protective cellphone case, an FCC certification, and a 30-day moneyback guarantee on all of their products. 

Although DefenderShield cases protect up to 99% of EMF radiation, the plate is only in the front section of the wallet. However, it is designed with its multi-layer metal shield technology, which blocks emissions from the front while it is being carried in your pocket or is being used.

The detachable Magnetic Wallet Case protects from more than just face radiation. The wallet section is lined with radio frequency ID (RFID) blockers in the CC slots to aid against identity theft. It comes with a textured rubber interior to help absorb shock and a vegan leather outer material that protects against external wear and tear.

The EMF shielding is made from the “state-of-the-art shielding technology ranging from 0-10 GHz. These numbers show that they are also up to date with helping protect against 5G. You can find which phones this universal cellphone case is most compatible with right on their page. They also offer designs for specific cell phone models.

VEST Radiation Protector

These protectors also come in a wallet design with RFID protection for your credit cards. They have multiple EMF protection cell phone cases with specific design options but are all made from the same PU leather material, offering 360 degrees of protection from shocks and abuse.

Vest Radiation Protector has two aluminum layers: laminated foil and an aluminum mesh for maximum protection. This technology is FCC approved and minimizes radiation exposure by 98%, making this one of the best EMF protection cell phone cases. 

It also has openings in all connectivity areas for charging and using headphones, etc. For more convenient enjoyment, they added a horizontal phone stand to the back of the case. You can find all of the phone case designs here.

Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag

The faraday bag design is popular among law enforcement and provides 100% WiFi shielding — including 5G, RFID safe, and protects from radio signals with an average attenuation.

(penetration) of 60-80dB. Mission Darkness is military-grade, with water-resistant engineering and made with exterior ballistic nylon material.

This EMF protection cell phone case phone bag is also approved against electromagnetic pulsing and compliant to military standard specifications by Keystone Compliance. This EMF protection cell phone case also provides data privacy and anti-tracking.

Mission Darkness has an app that you can use to test the strength of the bag’s signal blocking. “Faraday Test” for iOS platforms and “MD Faraday Bag Tester” for android, both apps allow the user to test against WiFi, Bluetooth, and cell signals, making sure the bag is up to the Mission Darkness standard at all times.

ONEVER Signal Blocking Bag

This bag is specifically advertised for helping protect your smart chips. However, what it won’t let in, it won’t let out either and is proven to keep EMF radiation from creeping out. It also has a boss layer of RFID reader protection with a range of 10 kHz – 30 GHz, and this can prevent magnetic strips from being cleaned when passing metal detectors.

You won’t be able to use your phone with the bag on, and therefore it doesn’t protect when you are using it but paired with one of the top two other cases, you have an extra layer of protection from those leaks we keep mentioning when in your pocket or bookbag. It also comes with 18 months or warranty with 24/7 email customer service.

SYB Phone Pouch

SYB is a radiation body-protecting case for your cell phone. It shields up to 99% of exposure but only from one side. This means you have to wear it the way it says too. They wanted this pouch to protect without creating interference with your cell service.

The engineering helps lower radiation emissions when escaping and, when worn right, doesn’t create EMF spiking. What makes this EMF protection cell phone case stand out too is its lifetime warranty.

This pouch lining is scientifically verified metal mesh material that comes in two sizes. The larger design is excellent for more than just a phone, and the smaller version works for those that want o keep it minimal with just the phone coverage. It is universal and unisex.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t our goal to fluff you into buying products that don’t work. Furthermore, we want to make sure that you are educated, well informed, and up to date on the latest EMF products and the EMF protection cell phone case.

The EMF protection cell phone cases above have been tested repeatedly and are some of the best out there. 5G isn’t packing up and leaving, it’s probably going to overstay it’s welcome, and our electronics are going to become stronger and “smarter. Therefore, learning what you can do to protect yourself from EMF radiation should be on your list of new things to work into your electrical diet. Protect yourself or your loved ones today with an EMF protection cell phone case!