5 Best EMF Protection Crystals Reviewed

EMF protection crystals aren’t something out of science-fiction; they are science-fact. In 2016 a study was released by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on the hexagonal boron nitride crystal used in nano-electronics, proving that it completely absorbs electromagnetic radiation on the microwave level—absorbing heat, so those electronics don’t get damaged by their own EMF. Protection crystals not only help you protect against EMF but also help with other properties. With these protection crystals, consumers will get the full effect.

Furthermore, and maybe by coincidence, the same symptoms associated with EMF sensitivity are associated with not being grounded—fatigue, insomnia, headache, concentration and memory loss, depression, dizziness. This also justifies why people turn to EMF protection crystals and stones to get relief from EMF and 5G radiation.

EMF protection crystals absorb, rebalance, ground, and protect against unseen elements. Moreover, throughout history, crystals have been used to protect and restore balance, so it would be silly to overlook what nature is offering when protecting yourself against electromagnetic fields.

Let’s take a closer look at what EMFs are and how grounding can reduce the effects they have on the body. Then, we’ll get to the good stuff and share the best EMF protection crystals.

Editor’s Choice Shungite
  • Contains 95% – 100% of carbon
  • Helps purify many things including water
  • Can absorb the dangers of EMF
  • Can neutralize EMF radiation
  • Will come smaller than advertised
Top Rated Black Tourmaline
  • Strong radiation and EMF blocker
  • Can be used as decoration or placement throughout the home
  • Serves dual purpose for stress relief and EMF protection
  • 30 day money back or exchange guaranteed
  • Affordable price
Budget Pick Hematite
  • Mostly iron that gives off strong EMF protection
  • Serves as a grounding stone
  • Can be worn for fashion and protection
  • Stretchable to fit any sized wrist
  • Not safe for those with pace makers

What Are EMFs? 

EMF stands for electromagnetic field, and they are everywhere. They are made in nature—the Earth and even humans have an EMF, and they are made by electrical devices, power lines, cell towers, and much more.

These electromagnetic fields come in ionizing and non-ionizing and, in large doses, can be unhealthy and sometimes dangerous. Additionally, most studies on EMF radiation are deemed inconclusive and weigh heavy on the “not so healthy” side of the spectrum. With the help of EMF protection crystals, you can protect your body from these unwanted EMFs.

  • Ionizing EMFs: These are your high-frequency EMFs such as gamma rays and x-rays and can damage cells and even DNA.
  • Non-Ionizing EMFs:  These are your low-frequency EMFs and come from power lines, radio waves (RFs,) infrared, microwaves, and electronics (i.e., cellphones, laptops, smart meters), and even visible light.

What is Grounding?

Grounding is a term you often hear in the crystal healing realm. It is also associated with EMFs as those concerned with the effects who are looking for a more holistic approach to EMF shielding are guided toward earthing or grounding. EMF protection crystals are more of a holistic option for protecting yourself.

This process is the direct barefoot contact on the earth’s surface, allowing the negative ions to rid and protect the body from EMF radiation and free radicals—aka, positive ions. It can also help reduce chronic inflammation and boost immunity. 

Studies prove that these grounding techniques—direct contact with the Earth’s surface, “… can create a stable and bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems,” according to a study in the National Library of Medicine’s online resource PubMed.

Evidence in the study correlates with Nobel Prize recipient Richard Feynman’s “umbrella effect” that proves when the body is grounded to the Earth, it “becomes an extension of the earth’s gigantic electric system.”

This also shares that when in this state, the Earth’s potential is the working agent that reduces, cancels, and pushes electrical fields out from the body. Backed by science, grounding or earthing is one of the cleanest ways to rid your body from EMFs, and the EMF protection crystals are little nuggets of Earth’s EMF you can use to protect yourself from human-made EMFs.

In hindsight, those symptoms of un-grounding and “EMF sensitivity” are so similar that one cannot help but wonder. The study even states that “Emerging scientific research supports the concept that the Earth’s electrons induce multiple physiological changes of clinical significance, including reduced pain, better sleep, a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic tone in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and a blood-thinning effect,” while also sharing the concern that “modern lifestyles” and the disconnect from nature may be an area of interest when discussing mental disorders and all over unwellness.

Best EMF Protection Crystals

We don’t want to share lousy info here at EMFAssure, so we are always researching, studying, and keeping up with the facts. We also do not share that Crystals or any other of the best EMF shielding can cure any disease or illness. Furthermore, if you are feeling sick, we always suggest checking in with a physician.

We also want to promote useful information on electromagnetic fields and how you can protect yourself from them, including using EMF protection crystals. We aren’t saying you should be “feared” into buying the EMF protection crystals or other items that protect against radiation. What we want here is for you to be aware that nature has a remedy for your concerns, and those concerns are becoming inflated with the introduction of 5G and Smart everything.

We want you to be smart as well while making sure your mind is at ease when trying to protect your family against the invisible radiation associated with modern life. Therefore, below are the top 5 crystals for protection of EMF that we could find. Also, do your own research because some minerals can amplify EMFs.

If you find yourself hoarding EMF protection crystals for your own well-being, make sure you aren’t putting magnetized hematite in your WiFi router path. (FYI, magnetized hematite isn’t real hematite.)


Shungite is becoming more and more popular in parallel with 5G as an EMF protection crystal. Another coincidence? Funny how the natural world has a way of getting involved when we start overstepping.

Shungite’s name is derived from its discovery location in Russia’s Karelia Shun’ga village. It is thought to be close to 2 billion years old, and Elite or Noble Shungites are said to be 98% carbon. No wonder it’s getting a good rep in the EMF protective world.

Science Direct shares that it has a sorbent effect and is proven to clean water from bacterias and heavy metals. Its EMF shielding lies in its “fullerness” properties. These can fight free radicals and regenerate tissue, improving our stress resistance.

Shungite can be worn as jewelry or placed around the area where you are receiving EMF radiation to block the flow. It is also known to help with heart, liver, kidney and pancreas diseases. In healing, it is a grounding stone that allows the root chakra to dissipate energies from other chakras.

Black Tourmaline

Called the “ash puller” due to its ability to be electrically charged by heat or rubbing it, black tourmaline is used by telephone workers and miners as a support stone. It is also tunes circuits for conducting radio and TV frequencies.

Black Tourmaline’s mixture of electrical properties—pyroelectricity (heat) or piezoelectricity (rubbing)—and grounding properties are what make it an idea EMF protection crystal. Not only does it protect against EMFs, 5G, and RFs, it can help ward off annoying whiney people as well. You know, the type that says they have a headache because of the new 5G tower but won’t wear the cute shungite/tourmaline pyramid necklace you bought to help them.


Hematite is mostly iron, which gives it its strong EMF protection crystal abilities. It is also called the bloodstone and is used by healers to cleanse the blood and pull impurities through, cleansing toxins from the body.

It was used by Ancient Rome on their armor to look more “badass” and protect them on the battlefield. It has a shiny reflective black exterior, and when broken is deep red, but the high iron levels make it very durable and not easy to crack.

This is also a grounding stone and used a lot in Feng Shui. Its dense properties pull out negative energies and leave you with a serene calmness not usually associated with grounding stones. Making it an excellent choice for an EMF protection crystal and balancing energies in the body and home. 


Amazonite gets its name from the blue hues that resemble the depths of the Amazonian river where its found. It is an energy filtering stone and helps protect against geopathic stresses. When placed near electronics or in the paths of WiFi routers and other connective devices, it absorbs the EMFs, making in an excellent option as an EMF protection crystal.

You can also tape it to your electronics while in use to help absorb some of the radiation flowing into your body directly. This stone is so powerful that it was cut into tablets to scribe the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Meanwhile, King Tut was rocking a scarab ring made of Amazonite when they woke him from the dead.


Orgonite is not a crystal but a powerhouse of crystal or mineral, metal, compressed magic. Its main structure is for use as an EMF protection crystal and is used among healers to protect from all positive ions. This is a human-made “EMF-buster” that fights against man-made EMFs. It is an excellent option to use as an EMF protection crystal.

These are designed to harmonize chi and bioenergy. Orgonite contains crystal shavings and metals, which are held and compressed with different forms of resin. The pressure from the resin creates piezoelectricity, which is what makes this gem so magical.

You can make them yourself if you feel crafty during quarantine and want to rid yourself of the extra EMF you are probably taking on while you work from home.

How to Make Orgonite

  1. Measuring by volume, you want about 50% metal to 50% resin. Any resin usually will do, but make sure the elements it will be in won’t eat it alive. Organic resins can be a bit less sturdy in the elements. Harder resins are ideal for larger outdoor orgonite, which is said to help raise vibrations and block EMFs in the garden—plants need some EMF protection, too. 
  1. Although aluminum is the most widely used, any metal can be used to fill the Orgonite. Aluminum is light and makes for a less abrasive fill. You can make designs or create shavings. However, how you want to design your orgonite is up to you.
  1. Quartz shavings are widely used, but we suggest using some of these best protection crystals listed here for the best EMF shielding you can get. Quartz is a common and an affordable choice compared to shungite, for example.
  1. Once you have the mixture ready, you can pour it in cupcake tins, or get creative with molds. Either way, it’s just that simple. 
  1. Let them dry and place around high EMF level areas! You’ll be surprised at the readings if you choose to test your Orgonite. 

Final Thoughts

Although these are our 5 top EMF protection crystals, there are others out there that are available. Something to note, all but one are grounding stones. Moreover, as mentioned in the introduction, boron crystals have been proven to absorb EMF radiation completely. Crystals like Kernite and Colemanite, which make borax and soaps, are excellent stones to use. These are similar to the EMF protection crystals used in the study.

EMF radiation isn’t getting lighter, and with 5G bullying, it’s way into the LTE towers, don’t expect your EMF exposure to dwindle anytime soon. Protecting yourself doesn’t hurt, and there is a rise for concern. There is too much negative info out there not to pay attention. Furthermore, if nature observes EMFs and can cleanse them, it’s probably safe to assume they might need to be avoided, when possible.

Take the time to do some more research. The Earth is a magnificent place full of remedies for all sorts of human-made deficiencies. Working with these EMF protection crystals or little earth-nuggets in this capacity isn’t new business; it’s more like a hushed business. We should pay more attention to what mother earth is serving before we hurt the only place we have to live beyond repair. EMF protection crystals have proven to be both safe and effective as a tool used in the protection of EMFs.