EMF Shielding Paint Reviewed

EMF shielding paint is a step in the right direction on keeping your loved ones safe from 5G radiation. Are you concerned about the effects 5G may have on you or your family? Are you looking for ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation? Your concerns are valid, and there are ways to upgrade your EMF protection in parallel to the “upgrading” of technology.

Most research done on electromagnetic radiation is unclear and picked through. It is based on data that was calculated during the age of cellular and wireless technology’s infancy. However, both are graduating high school and moving up and out into the world. Therefore, human-made EMFs are now everywhere, and with that comes questions and concerns.

The best types of EMF shielding paint is formulated from a mixture of electro-conductive coating and a liquid base — usually water or acrylic. The science behind the protection has been studied past the propaganda and serves a purpose. Therefore, if painting your bedroom to keep the waves out, or your whole home, eases your mind, these best emf shielding paints will provide the shielding attenuation you need. What is shielding attenuation? Let’s take a look.

Editor’s Choice YSHIELD Shielding Solutions
  • Protects against RF Radiation
  • 99.987% Shielding Effectiveness
  • Friendly against environment
  • Adheres to most surfaces and materials
  • Price is higher than other paints that are similar
Top Rated MG Chemicals 841AR-150ML Nickel Super Shield
  • Rapid drying
  • Safe to use on several materials
  • UL recognized. Does not need to be grounded
  • Best used in marine settings such as boat houses and ships
  • Requires several coats of paint
Budget Pick WOREMOR
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can serve as primer paint
  • Absorbs radiation
  • Needs to be grounded

What is EMF Paint?

As we mentioned, it is an electro-conductive coating and works as a protective barrier from incoming radio waves from cell towers, electrical currents, smart meters, etc. If you use it for blocking single rooms in the house, it can protect from wifi routers, microwaves, and other in-home appliances that emit low-level EMFs. Furthermore, how well the best emf paints work regards its shielding attenuation.

Shielding attenuation reduces the effect a radio wave or current has as it passes through an area, like a wall. Most EMF shielding paints are layered, customizing how much attenuation you prefer — the thicker the EMF shielding paint, the more attenuation.

What are EMFs?

EMFs are the electric or magnetic field a device emits — cell towers, laptops, microwaves. 

Low-frequency EMFs are the most common, and data isn’t clear on whether they are a cause for concern as it also shows that there may be links to sensitivities and cancers in children. 

High-level EMFs are the more dangerous of the two, and even short-term exposure can be harmful. They are your MRI machines, cancer-therapies, and the sun. The sun’s radiation is filtered by the atmosphere, which works as a shielding attenuation for our skin and every other living thing — like nature’s own EMF shielding paint. 

Radio Frequencies are your microwave frequencies and can cause damage to the skin and other vulnerable areas of the body, such as the eyes. RFs heat tissue and cause biological corrosion and aging. The closer you are to an antenna or any RF emitting device, the closer you are to its effects. 

*As a side note, radiation is not the same as radioactive. Radiation is the wave of energy emitted from electromagnetic frequencies and is what is measured in Hz (Ghz) when testing attenuation. It can also be tested using an EMF meter.

Does EMF Paint Work?

Many people ask, “Does EMF paintwork?”, Yes, EMF shielding paint works. And once it is dry, it can be painted over for aesthetic. Most manufacturers guarantee 99% protection when using their product to protect your home. It is also recommended that you apply more than one layer for maximum protection with most products.

However, pay attention to the Ghz when looking for EMF shielding paint. Some marketing can be deceiving, and if it’s 99.9% at 9Ghz and your house is reading 20Ghz, the paint is useless and will only protect at around 80%. Anything above 30GHZ is moving into the high-level zone and should raise concern.

Grounding EMF paint

It is important to note that because some products do not have a UL listing, some authorities in electrical installation can require you to ground your EMF paint in your home. Some homeowners may even be required to hire a licensed electrician to do the grounding. The National Electric Code does not prohibit using conductive options; they want to make sure that if used, it is used according to code. 

Best EMF Shielding Paint

Below are some of the best EMF shielding paints we could find. We also added a wallpaper for those interested in pasting your protection versus painting it. There aren’t many options out there; however, what we found have been tested and approved. They guarantee their products and offer tons of information on what it means to want to protect yourself against EMF or 5G radiation.

YSHIELD Shielding Solutions

YShield Shielding Solutions can be applied to virtually any surface. However, if using the underground, they suggest making sure the area is degreased, cleaned, and dried. This product needs to be grounded and protects against low-frequency EMF, RF (radio frequency) radiation, and microwaves.

This is a corrosion-resistant option with a water base, which is environmentally friendly. They use carbon instead of metal, which gives it its corrosion-free properties. Some EMF shielding paint has metal, and this can allow for corrosion when water is in the air. Moreover, it is ideal for priming before painting your home or area you want to protect, only coming in black. 

YShield offers an almost constant attenuation for frequencies up to 18Ghz. This number provides a bit of security in protecting against wireless communication and cell towers. Moreover, YShield’s attenuation is 39dB in one application, which is 99.987% effective.

MG Chemicals 841AR-150ML Nickel Super Shield

MG Chemicals Nickel Super Shield is a more complex product that requires definite layering. They recommend painting in many thinner layers at a time to enhance the EMF shielding paint properties, painting 1.5mil per layer.

The nickel properties create a durable, abrasion, and oxidation-resistant coating on almost any surface, including acrylics and injection molded plastics. It is also UL recognized, meaning that it doesn’t need to be grounded. This is a good option for a boathouse or marine environment and is used in a Military capacity and medical equipment.

As we mentioned, love is in the layering. When properly applied, Super Shield dries rapidly. Moreover, at 2mil thickness, it covers 10 to 18Ghz with a 48 to 30 attenuation. Therefore, with even thicker layering, you may be able to protect against suggested 5G radiation as it becomes the new norm.


Woremor prides itself on being the top in RF shielding. Data-centers can use this paint to block readers and secure incoming and outgoing signals, making it great for surveillance-free areas. Furthermore, it can stop interference in electrical equipment such as electric guitars.

It is also easy to apply this product as it is, breathable, with virtually no odor or emission and a low VOC. They suggest covering it with water-based emulsion paints, plastic bonded products, silicone resin, or facade products if using it as a primer. 

They have tested it up to 40Ghz and found it most effective with two layers, which gives it a 44db attenuation and effectiveness of 99.995%. This is another highlighted option to use as 5G radiation protection paint.

LVFEIER Radiation Protection Self-Sticking Conductive Household Wallpaper

That’s a long name, but we wanted you to get the gist that this wallpaper has a load of features and can be painted over as well. There are other options out there. However, sometimes getting the ole’ roller out just isn’t an option. So, we thought giving you additional options would benefit you when finding what you are looking to protect your home and loved ones from EMFs.

LVFEIER is a metal/polyester mix that can be placed virtually anywhere you want coverage, i.e., under flooring, used on windows, and obviously on walls. It is 80% copper/nickel mix and 20% polyester, making it oil, water, and stain proof.

This EMF wallpaper has an adhesive backing and can be ordered in lengths for customary cutting. Be careful not to clean with hot water as it can damage the protective qualities. They suggest using a damp cold cloth and wiping softly to remove any dirt or debris.

Final Thoughts

Adding protection to your home with EMF shielding paints is never frowned upon. Furthermore, due to all the inconclusive information on the hazards of EMF radiation and 5G radiation, most would rather be safe than sorry. No, EMFs at a low-frequency are not dangerous when used sparingly — also taking into account the farther you are from a device, the lower the EMF — are not going to give you cancer.

However, in the fifth generation, “sparingly” isn’t usually a term associated with the use of electronic and wireless devices. From video games, cellphones, microwaves, to Bluetooth and smart EVERYTHING, man-made EMFs should be paid attention too. Especially with the lack of information. We must face the fact that we are in a world full of man-made EMFs, and we should take steps to protect ourselves until we know for sure that the negative studies are proven wrong. 

Most studies show inconclusive data based on rats that may or may not have gotten tumors from EMF radiation, but provide no other concrete data that this radiation is 100% safe. Therefore, we will continue to promote and search for ways to better clean your immediate surroundings and life from high or low EMF radiation and 5G radiation and EMFAssure.