How to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation Dangers

As more and more radiation becomes a threat to humans, the true question remains. How to protect yourself from 5G radiation? This has become a common question for those who have a big concern against the dangers. Finding ways to protect yourself from 5G can be a little overwhelming. With an endless flow of misinformation coming out that is mixed with a bunch of other half-studied information, it can be downright frustrating. Furthermore, wireless technology is big business, and where there are billions to be made, there is usually dirty debate.

However, following a few suggested EMF radiation protection best practices that we outline here is a good place to start your journey to protecting you and your family from 5G radiation. First, let’s take a look at what 5G is, how it works, and why it raises concern.

What is 5G?

5G stands for the 5th generation, which is the next generation of the mobile network. The 5G radiation spectrum operates on a higher-frequency, which provides users access to more bandwidth than the LTE version we are used to.

Due to a broad range of frequency—sub-6 GHz range and 24.25 GHz in the millimeter-wave frequency—5G can share space with LTE networks, ranging in the sub-6GHz range. Moreover, 5G virtualization makes connectivity with more devices seamless and allows for multiple network operations on the same base network.

Virtualization supports multiple virtual networks on one physical network by using network slicing. This provides a rational network separation, creating a unique connection for each slice that all run on the same shared structure. For example, it allows devices that would connect through the Internet of Things (IoT) to have their slice of a network so as not to disrupt other users.

How Does 5G Work?

The 5G radiation spectrum operates on the millimeter-wave spectrum. This is a higher-frequency spectrum than its predecessors—2G,3G,4G—and enables users a much faster bandwidth. It does use 4G sub-6 GHz frequencies, allowing it to run on LTE towers. This commonality is the better option for lower populated areas.

Moreover, the higher-frequency enables it to use the slicing we mentioned before more seamlessly. This is achieved through software definition versus hardware, giving its owner more control and flexibility when dictating users and devices within the network slices. 

Other enhancements include:

  • ML-enabled automation (i.e., self-driving cars) Answering the demand for quicker or “learned” response time. 
  • IoT supports a more significant number of devices—wireless vacuums and artificial intelligence—with longer battery lives. IoT is an upgrade of an advanced LTE infrastructure that allows a section of the network to manage specific devices without disrupting the whole network.

5G vs. 4G Connection

Whereas 4G can support around 4,000 users at a time, 5G can support millions. However, 5G will use smaller, more powerful towers and relays to cover smaller areas, awarding seamless technology, and a higher dose of 5G radiation. 4G uses larger towers across a greater space and isn’t obstructed as easily as 5G.

This use of more towers allows direct networking, eliminating blockage like tree canopies, mountains, buildings, etc., from interfering with the connection. The boxes 5G uses are smaller and can be placed on these areas of interference, adding a web of wireless connectivity. Also contributing to the amount of 5G radiation being put out.

This is 5G’s Massive MIMO (massive input, massive output), using multiple areas of connectivity within a region, improving speed and user capacity. Nonetheless, the concentration of towers spread across less ground in high-use areas is what raises concern for 5G radiation exposure.

Tips on Protecting Against 5G Radiation and Other EMF Exposure

Protecting yourself against electromagnetic frequencies, radio frequencies (RFs), and 5G radiation isn’t as hard as finding evidence that it isn’t harmful. However, it does lower the convenience of connectivity. Therefore, it boils down to what is most important to you, your health, or your connectivity?

It doesn’t hurt to find the best ways to protect yourself against 5G radiation. That’s why we came up with some great escapes from the EMF driven world. Ask yourself how “smart” do I really need my home? How necessary is that smart meter? And, what are all these devices providing you that would make you possibly interfere with your healthy lifestyle?

We can’t answer all those for you. However, putting your mind at ease is priceless and is why we came up with these tips for protecting yourself against EMF and 5G radiation.

Limitation and Distance

It’s nearly impossible to eliminate electronic use—cell phones have grown roots into users’ hands, and with the “new normal,” remote work is giving more reason to use laptops and tablets. But this doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to the atmosphere. 

Managing your time and limiting the use of these electronics is a great starting point. When you aren’t using them, distance yourself or turn them off—put your phone on airplane mode, turn off your WiFi router, put your laptops and tablets to sleep. 

You can also create safe rooms in your home that are lined with protective EMF paints or wallpapers. It could be your bedroom or study where you spend your downtime. These products create attenuation—lowering and blocking electromagnetic frequencies. 

EMF Shielding 

As we mentioned, using shielding paint or wallpaper is a good option for in-home protection and creating safe spaces against 5G radiation or EMFs in or out of the home. Faraday fabric works as well and comes in nets or rolls of fabric, usually made of a metal and polyester mixed mesh.

Cell phone cases and laptop pads are made to protect from direct radiation that these devices emit while in use. However, keep in mind that not all are created equal, and when finding the best EMF protection cell phone case, make sure that it isn’t amplifying the 5G radiation.

When misusing an anti-radiation cellphone case, it can create spikes in EMFs or 5G radiation. Furthermore, when they aren’t tested properly, those numbers they try to sell you are based on unrealistic use data—limited testing that benefits the sales. 

EMF Testing Devices

EMF testing devices are handy meters that can inform you where the strongest radiation waves are coming from. This is an option for those wanting to protect their home from outside 5G. Using these can help you find the most substantial areas of 5G radiation penetrating your home, so you know the best place to start layering the paint, or tacking up the faraday blankets.

You can also use the data to find a safe zone in the house. Turn the microwave on and start testing to see if it is leaking in one area or another and move around the home to find the strongest or weakest area of EMF exposure. EMF meters also work when testing your EMF protection—testing equipment, paint layer attenuation, etc.

Natural EMF Protection

If you find yourself tiring from sensitivity to 5G radiation or EMFs, you can always take a walk. The Earth is one grand electromagnetic field, but the kind that can cure. Allowing what nature offers to help you balance your system from an EMF filled world can be meditative and can prove to eliminate build up and realign our personal electromagnetic fields. Yes, we also have an EMF.


The Earth’s surface is similar to our skin—always repairing and shedding itself, offering a better version—except the Earth sheds negative free electrons that can be absorbed by the human body and used to balance out negativity and radiation that it absorbs throughout the day. The supply is limitless.

Earthing is the concept that walking barefoot on the Earth allows this process to balance your body’s energies and EMFs. This is backed by science, not Hippy Bob, who lives in a bus down by the river, these are facts.

When you walk on the dirt barefoot, you are neutralizing the effects of positively charged free radicals. By doing this, you are allowing your body to rejuvenate as well as help with any other chronic pain or inflammation in the body. Basically, the Earth uses its EMF to heal the adverse effects of human-made EMFs.


5G radiation is reduced by earthing

It isn’t clear if crystals absorb or protect from EMFs, but these little Earth nuggets are definitely helpful in protecting yourself against the effects of 5G radiation.

Best crystals for EMF protection:

All of these are said to absorb and regulate the EMFs in the body, giving off negative electrons that we mention when discussing Earthing. They are powerful meditative stones that protect and ground the body to the Earth. Orgonite isn’t a crystal, but a resin-bonded metal with crystals infused and is known as a strong EMF protector.

Healthy Sun

People underestimate the power of the sun and how it affects the body. Yes, the sun is a big ball of radiation. However, it is the purest form we have, and with the filtration of gamma through oxygen in the atmosphere, it is a healer and full of nutrients for the body.

The absorption of vitamin D strengthens the body, eliminates free radicals associated with electromagnetic radiation, and all over makes you happy. The sun is the purest form of vitamin D and, when done right, offers the body nutrients you cannot get from any other source in the world—taking a vitamin D pill isn’t the same as smiling into the sun.


Yes, Food. What you eat can directly relate to how your body is affected by EMF or 5G radiation exposure. A high alkaline diet is always a great option to stabilize free radicals in the body. Foods such as Miso or kimchi are great options when looking for an alkalizing addition to your diet.

Seaweeds help against uptake and block certain radiation elements entering the body. Anything high in calcium and B vitamins—almonds, spinach, collards—also prevents these elements from affecting the body.

Anything high in antioxidants is going to help you fight EMFs. Not just that, a healthy diet is a key to helping your body fight most anything working against a positive, healthy body. Arming yourself with Brussel-sprouts and broccoli is actually just what you need in the fight against EMFs.

Final Thoughts

The world is filling up fast with technology. Everything from the meter attached to your house to your television sets is “smart,” and with that comes EMF exposure. The issue lies in the amount that we are exposed to, and with 5G coming into town, you can bet it’s going to double.

Furthermore, even if you aren’t techy, those who are are also indirectly affecting you with EMF exposure—looking at your neighbor. Therefore, protecting yourself from 5G isn’t some wonky case of conspiracy, it is a validated concern.

It is better to protect and not need it than to need it and not have it. However, the science is inconclusive and wildly uncertain due to the lack of testing. What Is out there is limited and points only toward the negative—cancers, tumors, fatigue, and headaches.

What we are saying is, prepare yourself and ease your mind however you feel fit. Take it to the forest or paint on the protection. However you choose to protect yourself, your loved ones or your home against 5G radiation, we want to make sure that you know the best options available because when viewing the facts, it’s the best route.